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We manufacture composite wallsl, solid walls and ominadec as well. We supply our clients with other wide ranged prefab products.

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The modern factory

The System

Surface and Finish

Gaps between the panels are filled with mortar. Self finished walls with spray on thin coat plaster.


Two stage production process computer controlled production facility laser plotting of panel dimensions Reinforcement in accordance with requirements of BS 811.

Installation of components and fittings, lifting anchors, erection sockets, electrical boxes and conduits, 35N structural concrete complying with strength and durability requirements of BS 8110.

Two plates of precast concrete containing the specified design reinforcement. Precast plates spaced apart and held together by lattice girders. The FB composite wall achieves the structural equivalence of a solid reinforced concrete wall by means of composite action between the factory produced precast plates and the site placed concrete. Wallsizes max 3m x 12m thickness from 200m to 400mm standards are 200-220-240-300-365-400.

Standard concrete mix C 30/37 higher strength available. Detailed specification after statical calculation and design.


Storages area